EDRi-gram, 7 february 2024

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we'll be discussing the Irish Media Regulator's proposal to implement mandatory age verification that could impact all EU Member States. This could be a dangerous move that will impact millions of people using platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Additionally, after three years of negotiations, the EU Council voted on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act last week. Our civil society AI coalition has summarised the latest updates on this landmark legislation and what's at stake.

By EDRi · February 7, 2024



Do you want to protect your identity online?


To be truly anonymous or to protect your identity online, you should consider your threat model and individual security situation. Many of the changes you can make are straightforward switches that can help most people protect themselves from being tracked. Block the Trackers!





74% of experts say authorities would find ‘relevant violations’ in data protection at most companies

EDRi member, noyb

To mark this year’s Data Protection Day, EDRi member noyb, surveyed more than 1000 data protection professionals working in European companies. 74% of respondents say that authorities would find ‘relevant violations’ if they would walked through the door of an average company. Read more.



In 2023, 320 journalists have been imprisoned in connection with their work

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

CPJ’s research illustrates how authoritarianism remains widespread, as governments are increasingly suppressing critical journalism and accountability. 2023 now holds the second highest record of imprisoned journalists since 1992. Press freedom is a fundamental democratic standard. Press silencing must stop. Watch the video and join the call to #FreeThePress!




Speechbag Podcast E12: Qatargate, Corruption And A ‘Culture Of Impunity’


Nicholas Aiossa, Deputy Director of Transparency International – EU, discusses the bribery and money laundering scandal that’s shaken the European Parliament and how to clean up its ‘culture of impunity’. Sadly, there’s nothing surprising about the scandal, as corruption and a lack of transparency have been “business as usual” for the Parliament. Listen to the podcast.