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Danish committee on citizens IT-rights

By EDRi · April 9, 2003

The Danish ministry of science and technology has mandated a committee on
citizens IT-rights. The committee has representatives from various
ministries, consumer organisations, the IT-business sector and civil
society. EDRi-member Digital Rights has participated in the committee since
it started its work in September 2002. The aim of the committee is to give
recommendations to areas where existing laws and practices in Denmark may
hinder citizen’s enjoyment of their IT-rights. Areas under scrutiny
include: citizen’s communication with the public sector, privacy and
registration, freedom of expression and access to information. The fiercest
debates within the committee were about data retention (obligatory in
Denmark for the period of 1 year), access to public information and ISP
self-regulation. The recommendations are expected to be finalised by
May/June 2003.

Information is available at (in Danish)

For through committee member Rikke Frank Jørgensen from Digital Rights – rfj at