Report on our fundraising campaign

By EDRi · February 25, 2015

Thanks to everyone who contributed during our fundraising campaign to support us. It brought in 27 271 Euro from 336 donors in 22 countries. It has been our second and most successful campaign. Here are a few statistics:

  • Total amount raised: 27 271 EUR
  • Number of donations: 336
  • Number of fundraising days: 66
  • Donations from countries: 22
  • Average donation: 81,16 EUR
  • Best day: 13/02/2015


Your donation will go straight into the defence of your rights and freedoms. Our Advocacy Manager, who was the center of the fundraising campaign, is working hard to defend your right to privacy, fight for a legal safeguard for net neutrality and against new European proposals for mass surveillance. Here is how we will use your donations in the next six months:

  • Advocacy Manager: 24 475 EUR
  • Production of campaign material: 611 EUR
  • IT costs: 540 EUR
  • Office space: 1 645 EUR

Although your donations already help us a lot, our financial situation for this year is still not stable. In August 2015, our two biggest contracts (which represent 71 percent of our budget) with foundations will both end. We are working on new funding proposals and will know the result in a couple of months if these are successful.

In any event, with EDRi being far smaller than equivalent organisations in, for example, the USA, we need to grow and remain rigorously independent. For this, donations are absolutely essential. Therefore, if you want to contribute on a regular basis, you can become an official “EDRi supporter”. Please contact us at supporters(at) If you want to learn more about our work, you can subscribe to our newsletter, read our donation FAQ or follow us on Twitter.


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(Contribution by Kirsten Fiedler, EDRi)