EDRi-gram, 13 September 2023

Are you ready to catch up on the recent digital rights developments in Europe after a nice summer break? The latest EDRi-gram has got you covered. From a fake social network that is spooking people in Warsaw to activists celebrating encryption, this edition brings you the hottest updates on everything digital. Stay informed and up to speed with the latest digital rights updates in Europe.

By EDRi · September 13, 2023



Ada & Zangemann – A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream

Matthias Kirschner, President, EDRi member, Free Software Foundation Europe & Sandra Brandstätter

This illustrated book tells the story of the famous inventor Zangemann and the girl Ada, a curious tinkerer. Ada begins to experiment with hardware and software, and soon realises how crucial it is for her and others to control technology. A book that awakens children’s interest in tinkering and encourages shaping technology. Read more about the book or order it from your preferred book store.



Your face is ours: the dangers of facial recognition software


The New York-based tech company Clearview AI is aiming to collect 100 billion images – that’s 14 for every person on the planet. Clearview claims that the database will “serve as a force for good, helping to solve crimes and prevent espionage”. But the risks it carries are immense. Watch the untold story the firm doesn’t want us to know.



Party-cipate and #CelebrateEncryption


Now is the time to show your support for encryption and influence the European Parliament to do better for children and everyone else.

Join the #CelebrateEncryption action and share photos of you and your friends promoting privacy and celebrating encryption. Act now!



How to Fix the Internet

EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Through curious conversations with some of the leading minds in law and technology, EFF’s podcast explores creative solutions to some of today’s biggest tech challenges. Listen today to become deeply informed on vital technology issues and join the movement working to build a better technological future.