EDRi-gram, 16 June 2021

Some surveillance technologies are so dangerous that they inevitably cause far more problems than they solve. The use of facial recognition and remote biometric technologies in publicly accessible spaces enables mass surveillance and discriminatory targeted surveillance. In such cases, the potential for abuse is too great, and the consequences too severe. We must ban such practices once and for all.

By EDRi · June 16, 2021


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European Digital Rights

As a direct consequence of the overall lack of transparency in online advertising, it is incredibly challenging for individuals to exercise their data rights. AdTech discrimination occurs at every stage of surveillance based online advertising – starting from data collection to the reason why we are shown specific ads. Read EDRi’s new report on how these democracy-eroding practices lead to exclusion & further harms.

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Watch: Defending our fundamental rights in the face of biometric mass surveillance in Europe

European Greens

Biometric mass surveillance occurs everywhere, all the time to everybody without our consent or knowledge, posing a threat to our daily lives, freedom of self-expression and right to privacy. Join EDRi’s Campaigns and Communications Manager, Andreea Belu, in a conversation about Europeans’ chance to reclaim their faces.

Watch here to learn how to oppose creepy biometric mass surveillance.

Listen: Spring cleaning

EDRi member, Privacy International

Spring is over but did you remember to do your spring cleaning? EDRi’s member Privacy International invites us to peek into some of the tips and tricks on how to start cleaning up and securing our phones and computers.

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Do: Surveillance Self-Defense

EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Defend yourself and your friends from surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices. In addition to tutorials for installing and using security-friendly software, this guide walks you through concepts like making a security plan, the importance of strong passwords, and protecting metadata.

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