EDRi-gram, 16 November 2022

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we cheer as Austria becomes the first country to take a clear stance against the European Commission’s controversial proposal for a child sexual abuse regulation, which threatens to undermine people's right to privacy and freedom of expression. We also follow Panoptykon's, EDRi member in Poland, application against the Polish state for violating their right to privacy by allowing the intelligence agencies to act beyond scrutiny.

By EDRi · November 16, 2022



Moving to Mastodon, Goodbye Twitter!

EDRi member, Open Rights Group

Join the discussion about Twitter migration and the possibility of community-based moderation on Mastodon and what it means for people on social media. Open Rights Group will host a tutorial how to use Mastodon for NGOs, non-profits, campaigners and politicians. Listen now!


Bad News


In Bad News, you take on the role of a fake news-monger. Drop all pretense of ethics and choose a path that builds your persona as an unscrupulous media magnate. But keep an eye on your ‘followers’ and ‘credibility’ meters. Your task is to get as many followers as you can while slowly building up fake credibility as a news site. But watch out: you lose if you tell obvious lies or disappoint your supporters! Play now!


Zero-click spyware: Enemy of the press

Committee to Protect Journalists

Around the world, spyware poses an increasing threat to journalists, their families, and their sources. The Committee to Protect Journalists explains how spyware works, how it’s evolving, and why it is dangerous to press freedom. Watch now!


Guide on how to fight video surveillance

EDRi member, La Quadrature du Net

This guide covers the methods used by various people and groups: camera mapping, requests for documentation, petitions, leaflets, legal disputes, and complaints to the French Data Protection Authority. Use this guide to make visible, denounce or prevent the installation of cameras and deployment of video surveillance. Read more.