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EDRi-gram, 24 February 2021

For years, the EDRi network has exposed how people’s most sensitive identifying characteristics like our faces, fingerprints or the way we walk are unlawfully harvested on an industrial scale by European governments and corporations to make unfair judgements about us without our knowledge. Now, with the launch of our Reclaim Your Face campaign’s European Citizens’ Initiative, we are increasing the pressure on lawmakers to put our rights ahead of big businesses’ profits.

By EDRi · February 24, 2021


Do: Sign the ECI petition and #ReclaimYourFace

Producer: European Digital Rights

Can you go on holiday? Will you get that job? Are you dangerous?

All these decisions could be taken about YOU based on your body and behaviour (biometrics). This data will feed algorithms used by governments & companies to allow or deny access to loans, jobs, social security, healthcare etc.

A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is the official EU petition through which citizens can organise and demand a new law. We need 1 million EU citizens signatures to reach the ears of EU policy makers. Sign, #ReclaimYourFace and pass it on.

Sign Now!

Listen: Mass Surveillance and Facial Recognition 

Producer: European Data Protection Supervisor

In this first episode, Ella Jakubowska, Policy and Campaigns Officer at the European Digital Rights (EDRi), goes deep into the concept of mass surveillance. Current issues like the recently approved Global Security Law in France or the use of contact tracing on Covid-19 related apps, along more conceptual debates such as the difference between public and private surveillance and the idea of “function creep” are discussed during this 30-minute conversation.

Listen to the podcast here.

Read: Emotion recognition tech report

Producer: Article 19

Emotion recognition technology is often pseudoscientific and carries enormous potential for harm. The technology is becoming integrated into critical aspects of everyday life such as where law enforcement authorities use it to label people as ‘suspicious’; where schools use it to monitor students’ attentiveness in class, and where private companies use it to determine people’s access to credit.

Read more.

Watch: Reclaim your face, Reclaim your privacy

Producer: International Data Protection Conference

European Digital Rights’ Policy and Campaigns Officer Ella Jakubowska talks about how biometric technologies like face, voice, gait and ear canal recognition are being used to surveil and track each of us and how this data could be used against us at the International Data Protection Conference 2021.

Watch the video here.



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