EDRi-gram, 27 September 2023

The weather might be cooling off but the digital rights world is heating up with activity. Civil society continues to fight against dystopian surveillance technology. More than 85 organisations have called on EU governments to say no to the CSA Regulation until it fully protects online rights, freedoms, and security. Over 115 civil society organisations are urging EU lawmakers to regulate the use of AI technology for harmful and discriminatory surveillance by law enforcement. In Czech Republic, EDRi member Iuridicum Remedium have details on the Czech police’s illegal use of a facial recognition system.

By EDRi · September 27, 2023



How the European Parliament will vote for and against biometric mass surveillance

Joe McNamee

The purpose of this article is to explain the decision-making process for the AI Act and how it risks leading to the rollout of AI-powered biometric mass surveillance. We can, together, stop biometric mass surveillance, for the good of people in the EU and for populations around the globe. Read more.




Telegram isn’t as private as you think

NBTV, with Naomi Brockwell

Telegram advertises itself as a private messaging app, and has attracted over 800 million users. But, if you’re looking for private communication, this is not the app to recommend. This video explains how encryption actually works on Telegram: how it’s not possible to end-to-end encrypt group chats, and how direct messages are not private by default. Watch the video.




Demand a future without manipulation

The Greens/EFA

In a world with the EU Digital Services Act, surveillance-based advertising will be banned to help industry to innovate and start using respectful ways of advertising. Contextual advertising, which does not rely on personal data, will become the norm. Demand a future without manipulation. Act now!




The world of mesh networking with Elektra Wagenrad

EDRi member, fsfe

With this episode the Software Freedom Podcast opens the door to the fascinating and sometimes complex world of mesh networking. If you are new to this world, this episode is an easy entrance to it. Elektra not only explains the theory behind the protocols but also dives deeper into the philosophical idea of it. Listen to the podcast.