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AptiRo, EFN & Alternatif Bilisim: Digital rights around Europe

In this blogpost published on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of EDRi we present our members AptiRO (Romania), EFN (Norway) and Alternatif Bilism (Turkey)

By EDRi · April 4, 2018

Alternative Informatics Association (Alternatif Bilisim)

The Internet Ungovernance Forum, co-organised by the Turkish EDRi member Alternative Informatics Association (Alternatif Bilişim)  was a collective victory in many ways. Held in parallel with the controversial Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul in September 2014, it had symbolic value for Internet freedoms, giving inspiring input with contributions from celebrity technologists as well as renowned experts.

Association for Technology and Internet (ApTI)

Romanian EDRi member Association for technology and Internet (ApTI) led public debates regrading controversial proposals from the Romanian government and the Romanian Intelligence Agency (SRI) regarding the right to privacy. The public debates and actions led to four decisions in the past ten years by the Romanian Constitutional Court that agreed with the organisation’s position.

Electronic Frontier Norway (EFN)

The Norwegian EDRi member Electronic Frontier Norway (EFN) made its breakthrough in national media around 2001-2002 thanks to the “DVD Jon” court case. Jon Lech Johansen was sued and arrested for decrypting a DVD copy control system to view DVDs on the Linux operating system and for writing the programme that enabled the availability on the internet. EFN advocated for his acquittal and full redress.

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