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By EDRi · March 2, 2015

The European Parliament is going to adopt a Resolution on TTIP. A resolution is a political statement which does not have binding effects. However, a strong resolution from the Parliament could be a step in the right direction.

The Committee on International Trade (INTA) was in charge of the dossier and was guided by Opinions from 13 other Committees before it submitted its report to Plenary (vote scheduled on 8 July).

From a digital rights perspective, we have identified eight key Committees. We’re now campaigning for a respect of our red lines on TTIP to ensure the protection of our rights and freedoms. In order to allow you to keep track of the process, you can find our analysis below. We’ll update this post as the procedure advances. Last update: 9 July 2015

Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
Industry, Research and Energy
Internal Market and Consumer Protection
Constitutional Affairs
 Draft Opinion  Draft Opinion   Draft Opinion  Draft Opinion
 Analysis of amendments  Analysis Analysis  Analysis
 Voting recommendations  Amendments  Amendments  Analysis of amendments
Vote: 31 March Vote: 24 March Vote: 24 March Vote: 16 April
Opinion adopted Opinion adopted Opinion adopted Opinion adopted


Culture and Education
Foreign Affairs
Legal Affairs
International Trade 
 Draft Opinion  Draft Opinion  Working Document  Working Document
 Analysis   Analysis  Draft Opinion Draft Report
Analysis Analysis
Amendments Amendments Amendments Amendments
Analysis of amendments Voting recommendations on CAMS
 Vote: 16 April  Vote: 31 March Vote: 16 April  Vote: 28 May
Opinion adopted Opinion adopted Opinion adopted Report adopted
Amendments for Plenary
Voting recommendations



What did the Parliament say about Digital Rights?

For more information on how the EU works, read our Activist guide to the Brussels Maze. For more information on TTIP and Digital rights, click here.