ATLR and The Great Reckoning

A short fiction on how healing trauma is a subversive act and who we are and what we believe can change the world. A re-imagining of Weizenbaum’s ELIZA and Colby’s PARRY .

Written by Katie Brown

Katie is a writer, creative and researcher focused on social and systemic change at a national level. She designed and led research on the UK’s Gender Pay Gap and Modern Slavery Statement services. Her writing explores self-hood, sexuality, trauma and agency through a lens of magic realism and science fiction. She lives in the North of the UK in the semi-wilds with her partner, son, dog, cat and a lot of mud. Find more at and Katie Brown | LinkedIn.


Listen to the story as narrated by Sarah Chander, EDRi’s Senior Policy Advisor.

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Read in German, translated by Sarah Riehle.