By Diego Naranjo

The current European copyright system is broken. We need to repair it as soon as possible, in a way that respects the rights and values of European citizens and creators – not only those of intermediaries such as publishers, record companies or collecting societies!


The European Commission has set in its agenda reforming copyright as one of the foundations to build the Digital Single Market. We welcome the attempt to do so because EU’s copyright legislation is outdated. However, given the dangerous threats which are present in the proposal launched by the European Commission (see here), we will need to monitor the developments of the proposal very closely.

In this document pool we will be adding all the relevant documents on the EU copyright reform that will be published or leaked. This will allow you to follow the developments of this crucial file for EU citizens’ rights to access to culture, and to their freedom of expression. It will also serve as a reference throughout the process.


Basic Information on the copyright Directive file

  • Lead Committee in charge of the Report in the European Parliament:

Legal Affairs Committee (JURI)

 Key dates (mind that dates might change):

  • JURI (lead Committee)

    • Vote in JURI of the Report: 09.10.2017 (12.00h)
    • Adoption in Plenary: 2017 (TBC)
  • LIBE
    • Vote in LIBE of the Report: 29.06.2017
  • IMCO
    • Vote in IMCO of the Opinion: 08.06.2017
  • CULT
    • Vote in CULT of the Opinion: 11.07.2017
  • ITRE
    • Vote in ITRE of the Opinion: 11.07.2017

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Legislative documents

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