EDRi-gram, 1 March 2023

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we celebrate the success of EDRi’s member in the Czech Republic against the use of Google analytics in state services. We are also exploring the consequences of internet restrictions for people imposed by the Turkish government to silence criticism. You will also find the Stop Scanning Me movement’s recently launched petition enabling people to fight against the European Union's attempt to scan every move we make online. Join us!

By EDRi · March 1, 2023



Protect yourself against surveillance

EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Learn how to defend yourself and your friends against surveillance by using secure technology and developing careful practices. This guide walks you through concepts like making a security plan, the importance of strong passwords, and protecting metadata. Discover it now!


Do you create content? You must hear these tips

EDRi member, Privacy International

EDRi member Privacy International asked content creators about their top security and privacy tips. Here’s one of them: using multi-factor authentication. Watch the video to find out more!


The global suirveillance ad industry is selling your data

Der Digitale Minimalist

Jan Penfrat, Senior Policy Advisor at EDRi, spoke on German-language podcast about how the global surveillance advertising industry sells out people’s most intimate personal data to the highest bidder. He explains the role of cookies and other tracking techniques and the extent to which people can protect their privacy against them. Listen to the podcast!


Women rights defenders speak out about Pegasus attacks

EDRi member, Access Now

The impact of targeted surveillance on women can be particularly grievous,because of political, societal, and gender power asymmetries. Two women human rights defenders from Bahrain and Jordan share their experience. Read more.