EDRi-gram, 15 December 2021

In this last edition of the EDRi-gram for 2021, we look at the good, the bad and the ugly in the much-anticipated Digital Services Act report, approved by the European Parliament IMCO Committee this week. We also take a look back at this year of resilience, reflecting on the impact EDRi and the Reclaim Your Face coalition had on digital rights.

By EDRi · December 15, 2021



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Managed by Bots: surveillance of gig economy workers

EDRi member, Privacy International

What if your boss was an algorithm? This is not science fiction or some far-fetched reality. Millions of people worldwide are working in the gig economy sector for companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Bolt, Just Eat… And this could be the future of work for people working outside the gig economy, as surveillance technologies are creeping into the workplace – and the ‘work-from-home place’ in particular. Read more and see how you can get involved.


Challenging Discrimination & Polarisation: Whistleblowing in the Post-Truth Era

Disruption Network Lab

Supremacist ideologies, deliberate disinformation, hate speech, and the spreading of false facts are on the rise. The recent Facebook Papers call for Facebook’s responsibility on letting hate speech and misinformation spread on the platform, and consequently, on the civic society. This panel addresses how whistleblowing can serve the cause of challenging discrimination, political polarisation, and dominant cultural narratives. Check it out now. 


How to Fix the Internet

EDRi member, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

It seems like everywhere we turn we see dystopian stories about technology’s impact on our lives and our futures — from tracking-based surveillance capitalism to street level government surveillance. Exposing and articulating these problems is important, but so is envisioning and then building a better future.  Listen now to learn about a better way forward.