EDRi-gram, 15 March 2023

Last week, on International Women’s Day, EDRi’s Sarah Chander and Claire Fernandez were honoured as leading voices for change in the European Union and tech and digital rights space. Join us in celebrating them and all women! In this edition, amongst other digital rights updates, check out our position on the proposed European Health Data Space. This attempt by the European Union to better use health data could come at the cost of patients’ right to privacy and consent. You can also catch up with your favourite #PrivacyCamp23 sessions by reading the summaries below or watching the recordings online.

By EDRi · March 15, 2023



Join us in our fight against the EU’s attempt to scan every move we make online

Stop Scanning Me movement

Members of the European Parliament are now discussing the CSA Regulation. The proposed law promises to protect children from sexual abuse by breaking encrypted, secure communications. This will turn the internet into a space that is dangerous for everyone’s privacy, security and free expression. Sign the petition and join over 124 NGOs to call on the European Parliament to oppose this law! 



Artificial intelligence: Last week tonight with John Oliver

Last Week Tonight, HBO

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, from self-driving cars to ChatGPT. John Oliver, with his typical mix of humour and nuance, discusses how AI works and where it might be heading next. Watch the video to find out more!



Why we need free software on medical devices

EDRi member, FSFE

This episode of the Software Freedom Podcast focuses on the importance of free software for medical devices. Karen Sandler, who depends on a defibrillator to help her heart work properly, shares her experience. Like many medical devices, defibrillators use proprietary software. What happens to people when their support ends when the company that manufactures their devices goes bankrupt? Listen to the podcast!



Is China trying to control the narrative about Xinjiang on Google News?


When Belgian users of Google News searched for the keyword “Xinjiang,” part of the content they were presented with was produced by Chinese state-controlled actors. These stories were overwhelmingly positive, with little to no mention of the Uyghur community and no mention of human rights issues in the region. Read the whole investigation.