EDRi-gram, 2 February 2022

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we dive into the secret negotiations about Europol's reform that would enable mass surveillance of people and discriminatory predictive policing. We also take a peek at the European Parliament's approval of a rights-respecting Digital Services Act and its proposal to ban the use of sensitive personal data for online ads.

By EDRi · February 2, 2022



Fake AI

Editor Frederike Kaltheuner, Meatspace Press (2021)

From predicting criminality to sexual orientation, fake and deeply flawed Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rampant. Amidst this feverishly hyped atmosphere, this book interrogates the rise and fall of AI hype, pseudoscience and snake oil. Bringing together different perspectives and voices from across disciplines and countries, it draws connections between injustices inflicted by inappropriate AI. Read the book now.


Reclaim Your Face – The European Citizens Initiative for a ban on biometric mass surveillance

Ella Jakubowska, Policy Advisor, EDRi

EDRi’s Ella Jakubowska joined the annual rC3 conference to discuss why biometric mass surveillance is a problem we need to address now, and what are the ongoing actions to ban such practices in Europe. She dives into the work that the international coalition of civil society organisations – Reclaim Your Face – is doing to collect evidence about the dangers of biometric mass surveillance, to mobilise people and impact policy-making. More than 67 000 people have already signed the official petition, helping us to end these abusive practices. Check out the video recording & sign the ECI now!




FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software. This edition features 650 speakers, 730 events, and 103 tracks. Check out the final programme and join the event on 5 & 6 February.


Freedom of expression in a pandemic

EDRi member, Article 19

The last two years have seen unparalleled shifts in the ways governments around the world react and respond to the needs of its citizens. Many of those actions radically have affected our rights, particularly the right to speak and the right to know. Listen now.