EDRi-gram, 23 March 2022

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we look at the leaked opinion of the Commission which sets off alarm bells for mass surveillance of private communications. The newly-revealed opinion confirms the fears that EDRi and 39 other civil society groups recently raised about the proposal which could destroy the integrity of private online communications across the EU, and set a dangerous precedent for the world. We are also urging for real solutions to the flaws of the law guarding our data protection and privacy. Though a new record of high fines based on the GDPR was issued in 2021, people still face barriers to exercising rights like access to remedy and benefiting from a harmonised enforcement mechanism.

By EDRi · March 23, 2022



Discrimination and surveillance: Can the EU Artificial Intelligence Act fix injustice?

Open Society European Policy Institute and EDRi

The EU is taking a bold step in its attempt to regulate artificial intelligence – a technology that is increasingly used in many areas of public life. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence systems also exacerbate existing injustices and create new harms for people who already suffer from racial discrimination and systemic injustice. The EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act brings a unique opportunity to correct and prevent those harms, and to give people ways to seek redress. Watch the discussion to see if the Artificial Intelligence Act can be a positive force in Europe towards protecting people’s human rights and delivering social justice.


Online Intimidation: Controlling the Narrative in the Balkans

Balkan Insight

Nearly 800 cases of digital rights violations in eight countries of south-eastern Europe were recorded by BIRN and EDRi member SHARE Foundation. Hate speech continues to thrive, journalists and vulnerable groups are systematically targeted in the online realm, and the presence of fake news does not decline. Read now to see who is particularly exposed to online attacks and what tensions are surging in society.


Add your voice to protect digital rights and freedoms in the Legislation to effectively tackle child abuse


EDRi and 38 civil society organisations jointly raise our voices to the European Commission to demand that the forthcoming EU ‘Legislation to effectively tackle child sexual abuse’ complies with EU fundamental rights and freedoms. The letter remains open for new signatures: you can add your organisation now.


Tribe of Noise & Free music archive

Creative Commons

Join Hessel van Oorschot, founder and “Chief of Noise” of the online music business Tribe of Noise, a community that connects artists, fans, and professionals for a discussion about his unconventional path to discovering his passion, insights on the biggest opportunities for music licensing right now, how he got involved with the open movement and Creative Commons, and more. Listen now.