EDRi-gram, 30 November 2022

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we share with you how the #ReclaimYourFace celebration in Brussels went. 20+ activists from across Europe came together to reflect on a wide range of decentralised actions that made the campaign a success. We're also looking at the joint action of 100+ organisations, calling on the European Parliament and Council to enable a more sustainable use of electronic products and devices with a universal right to install and run any software on any device.

By EDRi · November 28, 2022



Learn with ECNL’s new resource on surveillance technology

EDRi affiliate, ECNL

ECNL has launched a new, free, online resource on how technology is deployed for surveillance to counter terrorism. “How are different forms of surveillance tech used? What impacts do they have on our civic freedoms and human rights?” are just some of the questions you can find an answer to. Read more.


Twitter’s new ownership could make activism more difficult

CBC Radio

Social media has been a powerful tool for activists to amplify their voices. But some activists and human rights organisations are concerned that Twitter’s new ownership could make activism more difficult and dangerous. Join Mahsa Alimardani, a Senior Researcher for Freedom of Expression at EDRi member Article 19 and Ron Deibert, Director of Citizen Lab. Listen now!


Apply for a grant

Digital Freedom Fund

The Digital Freedom Fund supports strategic litigation on digital rights in Europe that contributes to advancing human rights in the digital context. You can submit applications for two types of activities: litigation track support and pre-litigation research. Apply now!


The future of biometric surveillance


A year since the start of the #ReclaimYourFace campaign, EDRi members Državljan D and Access Now take stock of how biometric surveillance has been developing so far and what it means for the future. Join the discussion to learn how this issue is addressed in the EU and around the world, and what we can do as citizens. Watch now!