Algorithm of grief

K’ima, a long retired storyweaver, finds herself gripped by a sense of having forgotten something one day. She becomes fixated and starts to investigate Life Lines and ads, social networks which once held so much power but have now become allies to the community’s digital health and wellbeing. It is in this search that she rediscovers those parts of herself she thought she had lost.

Written by Naro Alonzo

Naro is a poet and psychosocial support provider from KERI a Filipino grassroots collective supporting the wellbeing and mental health of social justice defenders. They are currently studying Clinical Psychology at the University of the Philippines. Find more at and Naro Alonzo | LinkedIn.


Listen to the story as narrated by Pascal.e Mbuyu Vermeulen, Radio & Communications.

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Read in French, translated by Chloé Bianéis.