EDRi-gram, 1 December 2021

In this edition, we tell you how you can take your power back from Big Tech companies and help us create a democratic, fair and open internet for a just society. We are also calling on the EU to put our fundamental rights first in the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA).

By EDRi · December 1, 2021



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Policy recommendations on tackling disinformation online

EDRi, Access Now & Liberties EU

The European Commission has proposed a new Regulation on the transparency and targeting of political advertisements. In order to prevent the spread of disinformation elaborated in “fake news factories” we should aim to regulate the distribution and targeting techniques. Read our recommendations to learn more.


Freedom of expression in a digital age: is EU’s attempt to regulate Big Tech the way forward?

Accountable Tech

Google, Facebook and other Big Tech lobbyists pretend to speak for SMEs when defending creepy tracking ads. Check out what small businesses actually say.


Finn Myrstad and the surveillance ad industry

EDRi member, Državljan D

Join EDRi member Državljan D’s conversation with Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad to learn more about privacy-orientated business models, the lack of political aspects in this field and the ways we can all influence the agenda, demand a more privacy-orientated development and reject the status-quo of privacy invasive data economy. Listen now to learn about the surveillance ad industry.