EDRi-gram, 17 May 2023

Last week, European Parliament committees voted to protect people’s rights in the AI Act. In a landmark moment, Members of Parliament (MEPs) supported all key civil society demands. We’re still concerned about some gaps and loopholes but it’s a big win for our network and partners’ work! The PEGA committee also adopted its final report and recommendations. It included many valuable proposals but failed to go all the way in calling for an EU-wide ban on spyware. You can also read our take on what’s missing from the EU Digital Decade report (spoiler alert: our rights).

By EDRi · May 17, 2023



#IDoNotConsent to facial recognition technology

Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Facial recognition technology (FRT) treats our faces like license plates, matching facial features to a database of images. Gardaí (Ireland’s national police and security service) use of FRT poses extreme risk to human rights. Thus, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties has launched a petition to challenge the potential decision to equip it with this technology. Sign the petition!



AI and free software in the European Union

EDRi member, FSFE

Free software plays an important role in the development and success of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Alexander Sander, Senior Policy Consultant at FSFE, highlights the demands that need to be addressed to meet Europe’s ambition to build and deploy technologies that empower people and strengthen our economy. Watch the full video.


Leaked European Parliament assessment shows that the CSAR would do (a lot) more harm than good


On 13 April 2023, we chatted on EDRi’s twitter space with Andreea Belu, EDRi’s Head of Campaigns and Communications, and Ella Jakubowska, EDRi’s Senior Policy Advisor, following the new leaked impact assessment commissioned by the European Parliament on the Child Sexual Abuse Regulation (CSAR). Listen the results of this impact assessment and what it means for the debate in Brussels.


State of civil society report 2023


In this yearly edition of the “State of civil society report” CIVICUS, the global civil society alliance, looks back on 2022 to explore trends in civil society action, at every level and in every arena, from struggles for democracy, inclusion and climate justice to demands for global governance reform. Read the report.