EDRi-gram, 19 January 2022

In this first edition of the EDRi-gram for 2022, we look at how people are pushing MEPs to take the opportunity to end surveillance ads. We also explore why it is important for our health data to stay private and how the e-Evidence Regulation threatens the confidentiality of this sensitive information. We also look into what it’s like to have an algorithm as your boss through the stories of millions of people worldwide, working in the gig economy for companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Bolt & Just Eat, who are subjected to unprecedented surveillance.

By EDRi · January 19, 2022



Happy New Year from EDRi!

Gail Rego, Senior Communications and Media Manager, EDRi

2021 has been a roller coaster but we still came together to limit Big Tech’s power, Reclaim Our Faces, make digital spaces safe and inclusive for all & outlaw the most harmful tech uses. There is no rest for the wicked, so too can we not rest on our achievements. In 2022, we will challenge, counter & resist attempts to divide, profile and oppress. Check our video now.


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Put Fundamental Rights at Top of Digital Regulation

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The European Union’s draft rules to regulate internet platforms have the potential to better protect human rights online. But the European Parliament should be more ambitious in holding technology companies accountable for human rights harm stemming from their practices and introduce stronger safeguards against government abuse. Read more about how the Digital Services Act can be more ambitious.


ProofMode on the InterPlanetary File System

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