EDRi-gram, 29 March 2023

Last week, with a close circle of friends and supporters in Brussels, EDRi celebrated twenty years of defending and advancing digital rights across Europe. It was an evening full of reflecting on our journey and successes and also building hope and strategies for the future of Europe’s digital rights movement. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for making the celebration truly special! In this edition of news from the digital rights world, read about a new Brussels-focused campaign against mass facial recognition. Residents of the Belgian capital can join the initiative and demand that the Brussels Parliament bans these intrusive and discriminatory practices. We also explore the concerning revelation that unverified information such as “social media profiles and phone contacts” are being used for the purpose of deportations, according to an internal European Commission assessment.

By EDRi · March 29, 2023



It’s time to re-collect your data from these apps!

EDRi member, Privacy International

EDRi member Privacy International has devised a series of guides in order to help you collect your data from various platforms such as Uber, Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp. These platforms store a lot of your information in the cloud, which could become accessible to law enforcement agencies. Take a step forward, read the guides and find out more about the use of your data!


Suspicion Machines: Exposing welfare surveillance in Europe

Lighthouse Reports

In an unprecedented investigation, Lighthouse Reports and WIRED obtained the code for a complex artificial intelligence algorithm used to predict benefits fraud in the Dutch city of Rotterdam and conducted an academic-reviewed experiment to audit the algorithm. Sarah Chander, Senior Policy Advisor at EDRi, participated in a conversation with the journalists about the implications of their findings. Watch the video to find out more!


Taming the Titans

EDRi member, Article 19

EDRi member Article 19 has launched Taming the Titans, a new podcast series on Big Tech and human rights, presented by journalist Emily Hart. Over five episodes, Emily talks to a variety of international experts, analysing the power wielded by social media and search engine companies and examining what civil society can do to bring Big Tech back down to size. Listen to the podcast!


Control and censorship of digital communications

EDRi member ApTI and Activewatch

Read the study in collaboration with EDRi member ApTI about control and censorship of digital communications in the last 18 months regarding the main aspects of the past 18 months on online media & control and censorship of digital communications in Romania. Read the english version.