EDRi-gram, 22 September 2021

In this EDRi-gram, we challenge the technical ‘debiasing’ as the main solution to AI-driven structural inequality and call on policymakers to tackle the root causes of the power imbalances caused by the pervasive use of AI systems. We also look at how Big Tech platforms are harming users and join forces with EDRi's member Panoptykon Foundation, along with 49 civil rights organisations, to urge the EU to empower users and ensure effective oversight of algorithms in their amendments to the Digital Services Act.

By EDRi · September 22, 2021



The global drive to control Big Tech

Freedom House

In the high-stakes battle between states and technology companies, the rights of internet users have become the main casualties. Click here to learn how Big Tech is exploiting our data.


The #PaperBackSociety challenging facial recognition surveillance

Reclaim Your Face

The #PaperBagSociety is a dystopian reality, a metaphor for the way biometric mass surveillance suppresses our choices, our speech and our freedoms. Watch here to see the wide impact this online challenge had.


Detours to more monitoring

Chloé Berthélémy, Policy Advisor, EDRi

EDRi’s Chloé Berthélémy speaks at the German Culture Radio, discussing European security laws which restrict data protection and privacy. Listen here to learn more. (The discussion is only available in German.)


Track EU officials and Big Tech industry lobbyists’ meetings

Global Witness

In the past 7 years, there have been around 1 000 meetings between #BigTech industry lobbyists and EU officials. Is it a surprise those companies keep getting their own way? Follow the @eutechwatch bot to keep an eye on their meetings! 



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