EDRi-gram, 14 September

“What you’re saying is, for me to own a car and to drive, I have to submit that my photo and information are going to be used for policing purposes across the entire EU… Are we all walking around as citizens? Or are we all walking around as suspects?”. The European Commission’s Prüm II proposal fails to put in place vital safeguards designed to protect all of us from state over-reach and authoritarian mass surveillance practices. Check out more in the EDRi-gram.

By EDRi · September 14, 2022



Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe


EDRi member Statewatch has built up a database which contains over 35,000 items, dating back to when they first started publishing material in 1991. You will find useful information linked to their work on monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe. Try it out.


How to see what advertisers are targeting you on Facebook

EDRi member, Privacy International

Learn how to get a sense of what advertisers have uploaded information about you to Facebook to target ads. EDRi member Privacy International has published a quick guide on how you can find this information yourself. Watch the video now and check who is targetting you.


How to effectively fight child sexual exploitation and abuse online

Paul Tang, MEP S&D

“We need to be more mindful of how the new law will impact and potentially undermine fundamental rights to privacy, digital security, and freedom of expression of people around the world.” ― Ella Jakubowska, Policy Advisor, EDRi.

Follow the discussion at the European Parliament on the European Commission’s new legislative proposal to prevent and combat child sexual exploitation and abuse. Listen now.


Buffering rights: How Europe’s new due diligence regulation can help reverse tech rights risks

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

The current technology revolution has enormous potential for human development. But the dark side of technology is growing quickly, and human rights concerns around hate speech, fake news, intrusive surveillance, coercive algorithms, discriminatory artificial intelligence and pollution are on the rise. Europe’s welcome draft Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive seeks to transform the European business model, but it needs to do even better. Check out the briefing to learn how the Directive could be strengthened.