EDRi-gram, 16 February 2022

In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we put EDRi's affiliate ECNL in the spotlight to take a peek at the fights they are fighting to advance our freedoms online and offline. We're also looking at a comparison between the Western Balkans countries' digital advancement and what the digitalisation of all aspects of life mean citizens' well-being. We're also exploring the Belgian authority's decision that IAB Europe’s consent pop-ups are incompatible with the GDPR, which has been confirmed by 27 data protection authorities from 20 EU countries involved in the cross-border investigation.

By EDRi · February 16, 2022



Freedom Not Fear 2022: join the early planning!

Freedom Not Fear

Freedom not Fear – the most inspiring self-organised conference on digital rights and freedoms in Europe – is ambitiously aiming for a face-to-face event in Brussels this year, most likely in September. To agree on topic(s) and time, arrange locations, organise a programme and invite inspiring speakers they need YOU. If you have any help to offer, big or small, join the first planning call on 28 February. Send an e-mail to to receive the meeting link or for questions. More information: https://www.freedomnotfear.org/


PI’s Guide to International Law and Surveillance

EDRi member, Privacy International

The guide aims to provide the most hard-hitting results that reinforce and strengthen the core principles and standards of international law on surveillance. You can find UN resolutions, independent expert reports and international human rights bodies jurisprudence. This resource is a suitable tool for anyone engaging in campaigning, advocacy, and scholarly research, not just lawyers. Read more.


#PrivacyCam22: Session recordings


This special online edition of Privacy Camp offered a forward-looking retrospective on the last decade of digital rights. Academics, activists and privacy experts from various backgrounds came together to build on the lessons of the past and collectively articulate strategic ways forward for the advancement of human rights in the digital society. Check out the panel recordings now!


Claudia Prettner and the surveillance advertising

EDRi member, Državljan D

With the current Digital Services Act heading for the trialogue and civil society highlighting the issue of surveillance society that still remains unchecked, Amnesty Tech warns against several issues related to the model of surveillance advertising that relies heavily on the user’s personal data and uses our digital activities against us. To learn what we can do as citizens, what can we do as consumers and why the current Digital Services Act represents one of the best chances to get this right, listen now.